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The gap will be smaller to cross.

We have in every department, 2, 5, 10, 15 classes working according to our techniques. It is essential they practice the 100%. It is sometimes preferable that the students one day make contact with a class that has barely begun its modernization. The gap will be smaller to cross.

The key is that the newcomer in the presence of a new climate, understand that he must take a step, he must seek to turn experiment. It will now be on track for a solid introduction. If these class visits were organized officially by I.P. it’s 10, 15, 20, 50, 100 masters that could be recycled every month.

It would certainly be a starting point that would consolidate and accentuate participation in group meetings, lectures with demonstrations at meetings of trainees, the readings relating to our techniques. Who will start? Which departments, which Inspectors will engage in a wide cooperation initiative that could possibly save us?

c) Modern School courses We organize at best, on our own, without any subsidy. We do not touch that made a thousand comrades a year, which, even if the results are satisfactory, is totally inadequate to meet the urgent needs massive. We extended this year and completed these courses with our free correspondence courses with godfathers institution, which affected hundreds of newcomers and enabled us to expand our circle of workers.

All this is certainly not negligible, but is far from solving the general problem of recycling educators d) CEMEA were loaded, and remain responsible for the organization of introductory courses for Transition classes. They appealed to our educational contest, which is normal and natural. There are departments where our work together worked to everyone’s satisfaction.

We wish that such collaboration may intensify to the permanent organization of refresher courses for the first Transition classes for all young then, anxious to access forms of teaching more exciting and more efficient. FOR ACCESSION TO OUR YOUTH EDUCATION The new fact official circulars that encourage, push and even forcing some educators to practice our techniques, only accentuated a sometimes dramatic way for our movement, general tendency of young people to turn to our techniques.

This trend is natural, Young never passively accept the way of life and thinking of the generations that preceded them. This is an aspect of the conflict of generations. If they fail to get the changes they want, they look for derivatives in other directions. No young reluctantly accept the School imposed on them.

Of course, if they see no other solution than they are in the positions where they are appointed, they have no choice, temporarily. They are like the young peasant who feels vaguely the need not to work as did his parents. But to modernize its installation, it is still necessary that he tractors and he knows lead.

Otherwise, it also will not have the choice: either to plow with horses and digging by hand as is done for a hundred years, or leave the profession. It is alas the alternative which often requires young educators: or comply with the traditional sovereign School, and commit to faster amolissante in a routine that will allow them to earn a month, looking in other directions, to horizons the derivatives that allow them to last.

Or use elsewhere in another livelihood best meets their trends and needs. Their preparation certainly does not help them to make that choice. They always bathe in a traditional atmosphere that captivates them and they do not even understand what we want to talk to them. Let us add that the Normal School has accentuated home scholastic tendency to separate intellectualism of life, but which is nevertheless for them, the only recourse.

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They do not even think that there can be a valid solution out of this track that has more prestige of the great names of psychology and pedagogy. They will have to be found one day in the intellectual and moral void, they realize the futility of their efforts to say they can not continue. At this moment of confusion and doubt that we will bring our positive and practical solutions.

We do not delude ourselves: this impregnation Modern School will be long and difficult. This is also a problem exclusively of educators, an adult problem. For children there will be no hesitation or trouble: they will go immediately to our techniques. These are the adults who balk. If it appears as a force to be little, if instructions, and some way encourage them to move towards our methods, they engage in it in the traditional school spirit.

The mind easily taught. Felt. Sometimes just getting into a modern class, see the relaxed master, children and decided up front to understand that there is something fundamental changed: that’s life that gradually replaces multiple, passivity and death. Yet I am not fundamentally pessimistic. I made this year large-scale experience of our correspondence course that made me contact beginners, mostly young.

They perfectly understood immediately the direction of our work, the scope of our bands; they began to look for, to criticize to do better and to finally approach their business in a constructive spirit that can take them far. But obviously the change of technique work, a new approach to learning and life, it is no small matter. This is the most difficult adventure a worker No wonder if recycling – to use a buzz word – is sometimes long and delicate. This is an ancestral mistake we straighten.

It may take a generation. But is it not so for everything related to the education of our children? CULTURE These difficulties of recycling lead us to the problem of culture which we have already started to discuss in our internal magazine Life Technologies, following an article by Elise Freinet. Recycle an educator, not show him how to make a free text or printing a newspaper.

It is certainly a technique that can be learned fairly quickly and that will, by itself, an improvement on the old techniques, but routine, multiple, quickly lamineront these acquisitions if they are not motivated and supported by a new outlook on life. This conception of life is culture. Whoever acts mechanically by simple initiation and tradition, repeating only gestures, passively adopting the thoughts of the environment in which he lives, that one is not cultivated.

If it arises instead the problems of action, behavior and destiny; if he accepts final point for what was advised or taught; if doubt and if he seeks, then advance to a culture. What will this culture? It would be too easy and too simple to give him advance a qualifier for the set and in a form where we enfermerons prematurely.

Culture is not a point of arrival; Is research, acquisitions, experiences, changing depending on the individual and on the environment; she is open-minded and intelligent confrontation with what is, and what becomes. And it is this dynamic culture that is tapering until disappear one day perhaps.

Our generation was not smarter than those who today face the difficulties of life, but we still have time to meet, discuss, think about our business and our life, time to turn and back problems as did the old farmer by the fire. Despite the shortage of school organization at the time, there was a culture that was reflected in all elements of folklore that we admire today. These are the environmental conditions that have been disrupted in recent years.

Radio, television today, fulfill all the times “trough” of the day. Otherwise, not to be alone with their problems and thoughts, the man takes newspapers and magazines that provide thinking.

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