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1917 Free Watch 2019 release Full Movie Hd-720p USA

  1. 119 Min
  2. country Canada
  3. genre Drama
  4. ratings 8,6 / 10 star
  5. Writer Sam Mendes, Krysty Wilson-Cairns

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Only the settings of the battlefield looked pretty good, but asking two young men without enough battle experiences instead of ordering two battle-seasoned old guys to infiltrate behind the enemy line, trying to deliver a warning to another British Battle group was just too ridiculous to swallow. What we saw in this movie was nothing but watching two guys trudging through trenches, bombed holes filled with filthy rainwater and corpses, bob llowed with the boring camera for most part of this boring movie. The only tension was when they met a German pilot after his airplane crashed next to them, then. nothing.
Compare to “Dunkirk 2017” this movie really sucks big time, don’t know how this boring movie would win the Best Picture of the 77th Golden Globe award.
Not worth a penny.

Sam Mendes’ war drama is set during World War I and very personal to him, as it tells a story his grandfather used to tell him when he was still a young lad. Dedicated to Mendes’ hero, this drama cuts deep when we join two young soldiers on a mission to deliver a message that could possibly save thousands of fellow combatants.
Filmed and edited as if it was one long take, the camera never leaves our main protagonists, Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) and Schofield (George MacKay) out of its sight. Mendes (Skyfall) and co-writer Krysty Wilson-Cairns (Penny Dreadful) therefore corner themselves by relying on this kind of linear storytelling, to tell a very focused but at times a somewhat thin tale. Some of the scenes are so empty, it will for sure test audiences’ patience. Technical, 1917′ is a true feast for the eyes and ears.
Roger Deakins’ Blade Runner 2049) cinematography is once again breathtakingly superior to anything else you’ve seen this year, and for sure will be the one thing people unanimously praise. Sound editing/mixing, visual effects and production design are all outstanding. These are the things, people will remember. It is Thomas Newman’s (Passengers) score that elevates every moment happening in front of you, intensifying the emotions brought by our main characters. And although MacKay (Captain Fantastic) and Chapman (Game of Thrones) do a pretty phenomenal job at capturing the true essence of their characters going through a literal hell, it’s the side characters with little-to-no screen time who steal their spotlight. Andrew Scott (Fleabag) Mark Strong (Shazam. Richard Madden (Rocketman) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange) are checkpoints along the way, but man, do they impress with the few lines they’re given.
1917 is without a doubt a technical masterpiece, that will inspire many filmmakers, but I can’t feel a bit let down. As an overall film, it wants to play a heavy tune on your heartstrings, but can’t reach that level of sentiment, because the focus on technicalities pulled me out of the story. It for sure is one of the better films 2019 has brought to the big screen, yet a bit more focus on the script could’ve made this the cinematic masterpiece of the decade. Nonetheless, I recommend watching this on the biggest screen possible and enjoy another fine piece of cinema brought to you by Sam Mendes.

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. It is just a feast for the eyes. I have only two critical points here:
1. There is little to no character development.
2. The portrayal of the Germans is too stereotypical and seems to confuse WWI with WWII.




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