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Cast=Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne
Directed by=Ari Aster
Creator=Ari Aster

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The movie was well shot and the sets were amazing but overall the plot was lacking, there was zero excitement and it was just boring at times.


Hereditary is, in some ways, a compelling film. Acting is very good, and the dialog is superior to many of these types of films. Unfortunately the story takes
on a little journey through the unbelievable; and the far fetched. The writers expect the viewer to swallow all kinds of effects like things going bump in the
night, and people suddenly being decapitated, or inexplicably engaging in extremely self-destructive behavior. And in a lot of instances nobody calls the police or any other emergency responders. Instead, they call a family member or put the victim of crazy exploits home in their car, and try to take care of the person by themselves. Great films of this ilk, like The Shining, Rosemary’s Baby, and The Exorcist, somehow present the problems and foibles of the main characters in such a way that we actually believe that the things that happen to these people, COULD actually happen to us! Not with Hereditary. Sorry to the makers of the film, but you folks just didn’t convince ME. I’ve decided to go ahead and recommend the film anyway, but with a warning. Too far fetched I think for most people. May Satan strike me down if I’m wrong. LOL.





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