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In Lightroom Presets en Movies_19

50 Film Presets for Lightroom Aurea Series simulates old Classic Films. They give to the pictures a mixture of colour saturation, depth, brightness and higher sharpness, providing your photographs a professional look. Aurea works great with landscapeand travel photography along with pictures. The effect of this presets vary based on the particular characteristics of this initial photograph. This package contains a total of:50 Presets for Lightroom:- 20 one click presets with Aurea Film Impact (regular effects, matte/faded, portrait, and contrast punch, tonal range, saturation levels and drama effects). – 16 tone instrument presets (trendy, dreamy, cross, hot, neutral and classic )- 5 sharpen presets. – 3 vignetting instrument presets. – 6 glowing presetsYou can easily adjust the presets for your style. Download the document, you’ll get a zip file named”JJF 50 film AUREA 0103. Zip”. Unzip it and you’ll get two connections with the presets within:”JJF 50 picture AUREA xmp” and”JJF 50 movie AUREA lrtemplate”Use the folder with the. Xmp files to your newest Lightroom Classic, Lighroom along with Adobe Camera Raw in photoshop. For older versions utilize the folder using. lrtemplate filesFor Lightroom Classic:1. Open the Presets Folder inside Lightroom head into:- PC: Edit Preferences- MAC: Lightroom > In Lightroom Presets en Movies Preferences2. Go into”Presets” tab and then click “Display Lightroom Presets Folder”3. Depending the edition of LightroomIn Lightroom Classic: Go to”Settings” folder and then paste the unzipped folderIn Lightroom 6 and before: Go to”Lightroom” folder then to”Develop Presets” folderand glue the unzipped folder4. Close and Open Lightroom againFor Lightroom:1. Open your Lightroom CC application and Go to the Editing section (three horizontal lines). 2. Open the Presets section. Click the Presets bar in the bottom of the viewing segment in Lightroom CC. 3. Click on the three dots and choose”Open Presets Folder”. 4. Copy and paste and unzipped Presets collection into”Create Presets” folder. 5. Restart your Lightroom CC applicationFor Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop:1. Proceed to the next location on your computer: C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\SettingsLeave that window shut and then visit the location where you unzipped the presets zip file and then start the xmp folderYou will observe a few folders inside the xmp folder, then choose them all and hit ctrl+C to copy them2. Go back to another window where you have the Settings folder available, and hit ctrl+V to paste all of the folders insideNow you should have the preset folder inside the Preferences folder3. Launch Photoshop and then ACR.

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