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Wave3 Anchor Lauren Jones Leaving Station After Contract Not Renewed

Wave news

Morant, Handcock, Witton, and Picton were charged with “While on active service committing the offense of murder”. In what became known as “The Six Boers Case”, Captains Robertson and Taylor, as well as Sgt. Maj. Morrison, were charged assets = liabilities + equity with committing the offense of murder while on active service. The ambush and fatal shooting of the Reverend Carl August Daniel Heese of the Berlin Missionary Society near Bandolierkop on the afternoon of 23 August 1901.

So it met the epidemiological definition of a pandemic. But that was about characterizing it; that was not about declaring it. Unfortunately, that concept of declaring a pandemic is very much rooted in people’s memory from the old flu days when it was true.

Over the years, the Nortons acquired three other television stations and two other radio stations. They purchased WFIE-TV in 1956; WFRV-TV and semi-satellite WJMN-TV in 1961; and WMT-AM-FM-TV in 1968, all of which shared a common logotype style. Following the last acquisition, the Norton holdings became known as Orion Broadcasting, “after a prominent and brilliant constellation”. With WAVE-TV-AM serving as the flagship station, Orion greatly expanded its news, weather, editorials, agricultural programs, and documentaries.

In July 1959, having long since outgrown its original studio facility on East Broadway , WAVE-TV moved into its current downtown facility at 725 South Floyd Street. The new, specially designed building was dedicated with a commissioned opera, Beatrice, by Lee Hoiby. George Norton’s wife, Jane Morton Norton, an accomplished artist herself, also commissioned original paintings for the building and statues for the adjacent WAVE Garden. The Garden, facing on Broadway, is a small park with water and greenery, now dedicated to the late George Norton. Three years later, in 1962, channel 3 became the first station in the region to transmit live, locally produced programming in color.

Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. Syndicated programming on WAVE includes Family Feud, Right This Minute, and Caught in Providence.

  • All you need is a connection to an existing pressure water system and a 12 volt power supply.
  • While the army “attempted to investigate allegations, and some men were convicted, it was an issue that received little publicity.” Rape also occurred once British forces had entered Germany.
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  • This facility has been the subject of allegations of torture.
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  • The sale was approved on December 20, and was completed on January 2, 2019.

In December 1944, it came to the attention of the authorities that there was a “rise of indecency with children” where abusers had exploited the “atmosphere of trust” that had been created with local families. While the army “attempted to investigate allegations, and some men were convicted, it was an issue that received little publicity.” Rape also occurred once British forces had entered Germany. Many rapes involved alcohol, but there were also instances of premeditated attacks. For example, on a single day in April 1945, three women in Neustadt am Rübenberge were raped. In the village of Oyle, near Nienburg, two soldiers attempted to coerce two girls into a nearby wood. When they refused, one was grabbed and dragged into the woods. When she began to scream, in according to Longden, “one of the soldiers pulled a gun to silence her. Whether intentionally or in error the gun went off hitting her in the throat and killing her.”

WAVE is available on cable providers in the eastern portion of the Evansville market , the southern portion of the Indianapolis and Cincinnati markets, and the northern portion of the small Bowling Green market . WAVE had been carried on Frankfort Plant Board’s cable system in Frankfort, which is part of the Lexington market; cable providers in Frankfort have carried stations from both Lexington and Louisville for decades. On December 20, 2017, the Frankfort Plant Board announced that it would drop WAVE and competitor WHAS on January 1, 2018 in order to curb rising retransmission consent costs that were being passed on to its customers. While they announced the continued carriage of WHAS on December 29, 2017; WAVE was still dropped on January 1. On December 28, 2020, the FPB Board of Directors voted to approve a retransmission consent agreement with Gray Television negotiated by the National Cable Television Cooperative for WAVE and in-market CBS affiliate WKYT, bringing the NBC affiliate back starting in January 2021. After the three year hiatus, WAVE officially returned to FPB channels 3 and 503 on January 12, 2021.

WAVE is the only one of two stations that broadcast at least some portion of their newscasts in HD; footage shot in-studio is broadcast in high definition, while all news video from on-remote locations is broadcast in standard definition. In November 2019, BBC News reported that the British government and military were accused of covering up the killing and torture of civilians and children during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Back across the Channel, discussions about marine energy’s role in the U.K. continue, with driving costs down seen as being key if the sector is to flourish. In a report released earlier this month, RenewableUK called on the government to also establish a target of 1 gigawatt of marine energy. While Orkney is now well established as a major hub for the testing of wave and tidal systems, the U.K.’s marine energy sector is also looking to play a greater international role.


KPLC 7 is proud to announce a full featured weather app. WLBT 3 is proud to announce a full featured weather app. WVUE FOX 8 is proud to announce a full featured weather app for Android. WAVE 3 News is proud to announce a full featured weather app. WAVE 3 News delivers local news coverage for Louisville and the rest of the Kentuckiana area. In a tearful video posted to social media Sunday, longtime WAVE3 anchor and meteorologist Lauren Jones announced she’s leaving the station. North Charleston’s police chief called for the community to come forward with information on a shooting that left a teenager dead and 14 others wounded at an unauthorized concert.

Wave news

And to me, that shows that the people got it, got that it was a very serious matter. They kind of took on a sort of wartime mentality that we had to do this together. But I think, unfortunately, that has backfired a little and that people feel now, you know, “OK, it’s peace time, we’re now free, we’re liberated.” In July 1941, the submarine HMS Torbay, under Lieutenant Commander Anthony Miers, was based in the Mediterranean where it sank several German ships. On two occasions, once off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt, and the other off the coast of Crete, the crew fired upon shipwrecked German sailors and troops. Miers made no attempt to hide his actions, and reported them in his official logs.


News bureaus were set up in Frankfort, Kentucky, and Washington, D.C. As a result, WAVE-TV-AM won a number of national awards, including a Peabody in 1978. Gig Speed delivers optimum speed across all your connected devices simultaneously – TVs, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, home office and Wi-Fi enabled home devices. Plus Gig Speed includes unlimited† data so you can surf, stream and game – without limits. High Speed 100 is true high speed, and includes our 400 GB Data Plan.

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WAVE’s studios are located on South Floyd Street in downtown Louisville, and its transmitter is located in New Albany, Indiana . On cable, the station is available on Charter Spectrum channel 6 in both standard and high definition. Recent figures from Ocean Energy Europe show that only 260 kilowatts of tidal stream capacity was added in Europe last year, while just 200 kW of wave energy was installed. The latter point was illustrated earlier this year when it was announced that some £7.5 million of public funding would be used to support the development of eight wave energy projects led by U.K. Delivers the latest news, sports, weather and video to your mobile device. Clicking on articles many times gives 404 error page not found.

World War Ii

By the summer of 1918, the Military Bureau had documented 355 separate incidents of violations of the laws and customs of war by British servicemen along the Western Front. On 19 August 1915, the German submarine U-27 sighted the British freighter Nicosian, 70 nautical Wave news miles off the coast of Queenstown. Unlike the German submarine commanders who had recently sunk the Lusitania and the S.S. Arabic, the U-27’s commanding officer, Kapitänleutnant Bernhard Wegener, decided to obey international law as codified in the Prize Rules.

The British Expeditionary Force first used chemical weapons along the Western Front at the Battle of Loos on 25 September 1915 and continued their usage for the remainder of the war. This was done in retaliation for the use of chlorine by Imperial German Army from April 1915. Although Morant left a written confession in his cell, he went on to become a folk hero in modern Australia. Believed by many Australians to be the victim of a kangaroo court, public appeals have been made for Morant to be retried or pardoned. His court-martial and death have been the subject of books, a stage play, and an award-winning Australian New Wave film adaptation by director Bruce Beresford. The revenge killing of Floris Visser, a wounded prisoner of war, near the Koedoes River on 11 August 1901.

See below for a list of participating channels and how to register for online access. The Chuka massacre, which happened in Chuka, Kenya, was perpetrated by members of the King’s African Rifles B Company in June 1953 with 20 unarmed people killed during the Mau Mau uprising. Members of the 5th KAR B Company entered the Chuka area on 13 June 1953, to flush out rebels suspected of hiding in the nearby forests. Over the next few days, the regiment had captured bookkeeping and executed 20 people suspected of being Mau Mau fighters for unknown reasons. It is found out that most of the people executed were actually belonged to the Kikuyu Home Guard – a loyalist militia recruited by the British to fight a guerrilla enemy. Rape took place during the British advance towards Germany. During late 1944, with the army based across Belgium and the Netherlands, soldiers were billeted with local families or befriended them.

In 1953, WAVE-TV moved to VHF channel 3, due to signal interference issues with fellow NBC affiliate WLWT in Cincinnati. The move included a new, 100,000 watt transmitter and 600-foot tower atop a 925-foot knob above New Albany, Indiana. WAVE-TV made history again in 1954 as it became the first station in Louisville to broadcast programming in color; viewers were treated to a vivid image of the new NBC Peacock logo. WAVE, virtual channel 3 , is an NBC-affiliated television station licensed to Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

Allied forces inquiry concluded that an air attack on Dresden was militarily justified on the grounds the city was defended. The combined company will be in every market in or surrounding Kentucky, except for Nashville (which covers a few counties in the south-central part of the state), as a result. The sale was approved on December 20, and was completed on January 2, 2019. WAVE-TV then became part of Liberty’s broadcast arm, Cosmos Broadcasting. WAVE radio was then sold off; the WAVE cluster had been grandfathered when the FCC banned common ownership of radio and television stations in the same market in the 1960s, but lost its grandfathered protection with the Liberty merger.

Video+ Guyana Cultural Associations Folk Festival Slated For Sept 2 In Brooklyn, New York

Even so, the United Kingdom used a range of poison gases, originally chlorine and later phosgene, diphosgene and mustard gas. They also used relatively small amounts of the irritant gases chloromethyl chloroformate, chloropicrin, bromacetone and ethyl iodoacetate. Gases were frequently mixed, for example white star was the name given to a mixture of equal volumes of chlorine and phosgene, the chlorine helping to spread the denser but more toxic phosgene. Despite the technical developments, chemical weapons suffered from diminishing effectiveness as the war progressed because of the protective equipment and training which the use engendered on both sides. By 1918, a quarter of British artillery shells were filled with gas and the United Kingdom had produced around 25,400 tons of toxic chemicals.

He received a strongly worded reprimand from his superiors following the first incident. Mier’s actions violated the Hague Convention of 1907, which banned the killing of shipwreck survivors under any circumstances. An MI19 prisoner of war facility, known as the “London Cage”, was utilised during and immediately after the war. This facility has been the subject of allegations of torture.

Wave news

“We’re already selling our marine energy technology around the world,” he added, citing the example of Scotland-headquartered Nova Innovation exporting tidal turbines to Canada. “As an island nation we have the best marine energy resource in Europe,” he said via email. A grid connected facility, Billia Croo is described by EMEC as having “one of the highest wave energy potentials in Europe.” LONDON – In mid-May, a prototype wave energy converter weighing 38-metric tons arrived in Orkney, an archipelago located in waters north of mainland Scotland.

“Then it will be moved to the larger, open Atlantic site, Billia Croo, where it’ll really see some pretty serious waves and generate more power,” he added. “We’ll test … power production, reliability, survivability.” “EMEC was created as a bit of a flagship organization, with the idea that if you could put a lot of investment into one facility it would reduce the time, the cost and the risk for these technologies to come to market,” Finn explained. Real-time access to breaking and weather news from Pittsburgh’s Action News 4. This app requests location to help customize content for you. We will provide location information and information about your use of the app to our advertising partners in order to customize the ads displayed in this app and other apps you use.

After more than a century, the ensuing courts martial remain controversial. WAVE discontinued regular programming on its analog signal, over VHF channel 3, on June 12, 2009, the official date in which full-power television stations in the United States transitioned from analog to digital broadcasts under federal mandate. The station’s digital signal remained on its pre-transition UHF channel 47. Through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers display the station’s virtual channel as its former VHF analog channel 3. WAVE-TV lost CBS programming when WHAS-TV signed on in March 1950; it later lost DuMont when the network folded in August 1956. Channel 3 continued to share ABC programming with WHAS-TV until WLKY signed on as a full-time affiliate in September 1961.

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