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Slot V Casino – daily bonuses and promotions, valuable prizes

How to get bonuses in Slot V?

Without exception, all fans of gambling in Slot V receive different bonuses. The Slot V development team sends out free spins, increases deposits, and also holds promotions and all kinds of contests. If you need to find a promotional code in SlotV, you just need to complete the registration: this way you will get access to promotions.

Current promotions from Slot V

Slot V's Instant Newsletter is one of two methods for receiving promotions. What you want to know will be in it. And in letters from the developers of Slot V, a link to the current mirror is sent. Agree to receive news during registration, so you will stay in the game!

In Slot V, the promo code is sent by e-mail or in the form of SMS messages.

The loyalty program is designed to help users for a long time. New visitors to Slot V can easily get an increase on their first deposit and more: namely, up to 80% return!

Slot V bonuses

Slot V casino allows you to get an individual gift for your birthday: this is a no deposit bonus from Slot V! To do this, write to the support operator during the week around your holiday. You just need to verify your identity and documents. After that, the gift will be immediately credited to your account.

The bonus equals Slot V rubles. This money will be an excellent gift for all connoisseurs of gambling entertainment.

How to get bonuses in Slot V?

It's easy to activate bonuses in Slot V. You need to go to the "Promo" tab in your personal account. There you will see all the bonuses and gifts received. To activate, click on the "Activate" button.

Details of the tournaments can be found in the description of the loyalty policy on the official website or in the mirror of Slot V.


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